Gas Heater Repair Burwood

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Gas Heater Repair Burwood

Gas Heater Repair Burwood

Portable gas heaters are the ideal solution for homes and commercial premises where there is a need to either move the appliance from one room to another. For smaller spaces such as apartments and units, where the heater can be stored out of the way when not required in the summer months. Units are contemporary and are available in a wide range of different colours and styles to suit and blend in harmoniously within your environment. Enjoy the ease of use and instant heat that only a gas appliance can deliver.

Welcome to Plumber Sydney – your one stop solution for exceptional services for installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of gas wall and space heaters. We are licensed, certified, experienced, and trained plumbers delivering incomparable plumbing services to residential and commercial clients in all of Sydney suburbs.

Maintenance of gas wall and space heaters is very essential. Just like any other heating system at your home, it is vital to get these heaters and wall furnaces checked at regular intervals. It improves their efficiency and ensures that you don’t have to pay unnecessary power bills. We have different maintenance programs for gas wall and space heaters and other kinds of heating systems.

Our technicians with their experience in the work can find out the above issues and fix them so that the system performs perfectly. Call the gas heater service professionals from Plumber Sydney for inspection on a regular interval. And get ensured that the gas wall heating system is running efficiently or you need a gas heater repair Burwood.


Heating Service Burwood

Our experienced partners have been servicing all types and brands of heaters in Burwood for many years. So we have the knowledge to safely and quickly service your heater so it runs effectively, efficiently and has a long life. We recommend that you get your heater serviced once a year to ensure it operated correctly and keeps your family warm and safe. If not maintained correctly gas heaters can pose a major health threat to you and your family. By having your heater regularly serviced you can essentially eliminate any risk. Our team of professionals can service or repair your heater quickly and effectively. Contact us today through the form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

The cost of a gas heater repair Burwood can differ dramatically from job to job. Due to this custom nature it is hard to provide a quote online. We can offer a quick and easy quote when you fill out your details in the form on the right. One of our friendly partners will be in contact with you to discuss your individual situation and offer a solution with a quote.


Why us?

When it comes to delivering quality gas heater repair Burwood, Plumber Sydney servicing Sydney CBD. Our qualified and experienced professionals are available year round to service your home or workplace gas heating systems, performing high quality repairs on a vast range of leading models and makes. When you need your gas heater repaired in Sydney there is only one name to trust – Plumber Sydney. Arriving onsite within a rapid time frame, our experts administer repairs for all types of gas heaters so you can be confident we’re the team for you.

Plumber Sydney is a family gas fitting company servicing Burwood and all surrounding areas. We’ll gladly provide a friendly, obligation-free quote for any indoor or outdoor heating requirement. Our fully licensed gas fitters will work with you to find the best portable heater for your home or business.

As licensed plumbers, when it comes to looking for the right plumber to fix the problem, Contact Us Today. You may check our highly rated reviews here. We’ll wait for your call.

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Gas Installation Burwood

We are a service and installation company for gas appliances in the Buwrood area. Our company specialises in hot water installations for domestic, commercial and industrial use. We are the leaders in gas pool and spa heating using the latest technology in titanium heat exchangers. We supply and service all your gas requirements. Whether it be to repair a cooktop, the installation in a new home or converting your existing home from electric appliances to gas. Therefore give us a call for all your gas needs.

We are an authorised repair agent for the major brands, and we can install your gas appliances. Whether it be a stoves, cookers, room heaters, hot water systems or your pool and spa heating equipment. Additionally, our specialist technicians can safely, quickly and efficiently install a range of gas appliances. Including stoves, cooktops, ovens, heating systems, barbecue outlets, and patio and room heaters. Our team of experienced, specialist technicians will consult with you on your individual needs. And will provide personalised service and expert advice on the gas system that is right for you.

No matter what the job is, you can count on our team to provide prompt, professional service with great results. We are committed to customer satisfaction, and can provide on-site inspections and free quotes up front.

Gas Heater Service

Hot Water System Installation & Repairs Burwood

Choosing the right hot water system for your home can be a confusing and frustrating process. There are a lot of different things you need to consider, including the amount of hot water you need. The times of day you’ll need it, and whether these demands will change in the future. Different families have different needs and we can tailor a hot water solution that is right for you. Don’t despair. Plumber Sydney can help.

Our experts can help you figure out which is the right hot-water system for your family, and can install a range of quality models. We provide both continuous flow and storage heaters. Plumber Sydney is an authorised installers and service agents for Thermann, Rheem, Rinnai and AquaMax. We can advise and offer free quotes on the hot water system that best suits your needs.

Plumber Sydney only employs licenced plumbers, gas fitters, and electricians. Our fully qualified technical team are proficient in all facets of hot water systems. We are ready to assist you in deciding whether you can repair your current system or need to consider replacing the system. If you need to replace the system they can advise you on the best replacement hot water heater. Plumber Sydney offers competitive hot water system prices and can customise an installation package to suit your budget. We can also advise you if any hot water rebates are available in your area.

Gas Heater Service

Gas Heater Repairs and Service Burwood

Based in the Sydney, we have the capacity to take on a multitude of plumbing issues for both residential and commercial clients anywhere in the city. Our specialties lie in the repairs and installations of gas boilers and heat pumps, although our expertise doesn’t end there. We can also contend with general plumbing issues right through to burst pipe replacements. Also, installations of gas boiler systems and hot water system repairs in Sydney.

We have a team of dedicated hardworking engineers who are also fully qualified, licensed and accredited to provide you with the most efficient and effective plumbing solutions around. Add to that our lifetime guarantee on all our work then you can see why we are Sydney’s most trusted and experienced plumbing companies. We only use high quality suppliers for our repairs and maintenance. Which is why we can give a lifetime warranty on our workmanship.

We don’t believe in trying to take advantage of others misfortune. Therefore, we believe on providing all clients with just one flat rate, no matter the time of the day you encounter an emergency. Furthermore, we can provide our clients with free impartial advice and will discuss every detail, including pricing and logistics over the phone. This ensures you know exactly what to expect prior to committing to our services. If you’re seeking professional, friendly, passionate and reliable gas hot water system repairs in Burwood. Look no further than Plumber Sydney. Get in touch with our plumbers today for any gas heater repair Burwood!

Gas Heater Service

Gas Fitting Services Burwood

With gas being a viable option currently to households for instantaneous hot water units, gas cook tops, gas heating and much more. Our gas department is ready to help you. There are a number of reasons you should never try and complete this type of work yourself. But we’ll start with the most obvious. It doesn’t matter how good of a handyman you might be, it is illegal to carry out gas work without a licence.

What most people don’t realise is that a building inspection does not look for hidden or underground plumbing problems, which are usually the most expensive to fix. Our qualified and professional gas heater repair Burwood plumbers have found that 95% of houses they inspect have one or more problems with their plumbing. Whether it’s a water hammer, tree roots in the stormwater or sewer pipes or a beautiful looking hot water heater rusting away on the inside.

Gas appliances and heating systems are the most reliable appliances in your home. With no need to worry about connection disruption beyond filling your bottles. However, serious harm is a real risk due to air poisoning and fire which can often catch you unaware. Putting everyone in the household in danger.

Professionals have the tools and knowledge to check their work accurately to ensure it is all functioning correctly and any leaks are dealt with. A professional gas fitter has the expertise to examine the entire system from the entry to exit for any potential corroded joins, dents, or breaches in the line. Every gas fitter in Burwood is required to have a valid gas work licence. Always check your plumber’s licence!

Gas Heater Service

WE PROVIDE SERVICESthat stand out for their quality

Blocked Drains

If you need a blocked drain service in Sydney then please call Plumber Sydney or book online for a quality blocked drain service guaranteed.

Hot Water System

We offer Hot Water Repairs, Hot Water Installation, Hot Water Replacement and Hot Water Service on all major brands and types.

Leaking Roof Repair

If you happen to find yourself in the nasty situation of a leaking roof and you require an expert who will fix it for a competitive price, then call us now.

Burst Pipe Repair

Burst pipe repair needs to be taken care of professionally and efficiently in order to avoid further potential damages and costs.

Leaking Tap

Our skilled plumbers and the proper tools and equipment will make fast work of your leaking tap repair.

Gas Fitting Sydney

Our services have developed a strong reputation in Sydney for providing a high-quality gas installation and repairs at competitive prices.

Bathroom Renovation

With years of experience and a trade background, we will quickly assess your bathroom’s plumbing, drainage and ventilation requirements ready for a new makeover.

Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining is one of the many procedures to fix a pipes avoiding dig ups.

Toilet Repairs

We are able to quickly repair or fix toilet cistern leaks, replace toilet suites, install dual flush cisterns, and unblock blocked toilets.

Backflow Prevention

Only licensed plumbers with backflow prevention accreditation can inspect, commission and test backflow devices.

Leaking Pipe Repair

We can help you round-the-clock, any day of the week, to locate a leaking pipe and provide the best leaking pipe repair in Sydney.

Rainwater Tanks

We proudly offer all of our clients the same professional service, expert advice and value for money rainwater tank solutions



our customers are always happy!


There are many options for water heaters when it comes time for a replacement. The most important factor in choosing a water heater really depends on your household. Your future water demands and how long you plan to stay in your current home. With tankless, condensing and storage tank units available these days. It’s important to know your options in water heating to make sure you are buying the best water heater to suit your needs.

Sometimes a simple storage tank water heater replacement is best. But other times spending a little more for a higher efficient water heater is better in the long run. We suggest you do a little research and check out your options before making a final purchase. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss the different models available today.

Generally about 45 minutes. If your water heater has been turned off or if you have just had a new unit installed it will take approximately 45 minutes to heat the water up. Each water heater varies in recovery depending on the gallon capacity and BTU input. If you still have no hot water after about 1 hour then the unit is not working properly. Gas water heaters recover (heat more quickly) quicker than electric water heaters. But either way you should not have to wait more than about 1 hour for a water heater to heat itself and produce hot water.

This Certificate is given to the appliance owner for new installations or alterations/extensions to existing gas services. This is also the case for installation work on caravans, boats and fixed gas BBQs. It is very important the owner obtains and keeps this certificate.

The average system last from 6yrs to 15yrs, The water board recommended 10yr tank replacements due to slug and calcium deposits. That’s not bad when you compare it to your jug. Its a sacrificial anode the protects the system from leaking. We only condone replacing the anode in super special circumstances like hard water, 90% of system with anode never need to be replaced as the anode was designed to last the distance. They can prolong the life of the system noting you are running on the rusty metal using any extended time. Removing the anode even for inspection can damage the enamel coating leaving an exposed rust spot because most systems are enamelled with the anode in.

Isn’t it surprising how we take things such as hot water for granted, until it’s taken away from us. There’s nothing worse than dragging yourself out of bed in the morning only to find that your shower’s raining cold water down on you.

Fortunately, we’re electric, gas, and heat pump hot water system specialists. So trust us when we say we’ll soon have hot water restored and normal service resumed.

If you’re based in Burwood and experiencing problems with your hot water system then we want to know! Contact us and we’ll arrange a time for repairs that fits in with your schedule. Our plumbers regularly work with a range of hot water systems so they’ll get it fixed in no time at all.

Perhaps you need a new hot water system? We can help with that too. We’ve carried out plenty of hot water system installations over the years and stock all of the best brands. We’re happy to provide you with a free no-obligation quote or estimate so why not give your local plumber Burwood a call today.

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