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We are Sydney’s Most Reliable Emergency Plumber

We are fully licensed and insured to perform a wide range of services, from plumbing maintenance to gas fitting. Our plumbers are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. We also provide our team with fully equipped vans and the latest plumbing technology on the market.

For your convenience, we are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. At Plumber Sydney, we take the time to understand your plumbing problem. From there, we are able to offer an effective solution for you and your family. In addition, committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction, as well as great advice about solutions and products.

If you need a recommendation for a new hot water unit or if you have any drainage concerns, we are glad to help. We work with domestic clients and commercial clients for all of their plumbing needs.


Unmatched Plumbing Solutions

Plumber Sydney take pride in our work, and we pull out all the stops to keep you satisfied. Our qualified and experienced plumbers are always ready in all plumbing problems, big and small. No matter what domestic or commercial plumbing services you require. So we will send a plumber to take care of it for you quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, our wide range of services includes the servicing, repairs and installation of hot water systems and gas appliances, backflow services, leaking tap, and a 24/7 plumber. All our plumbers are highly skilled, and we always ensure that every plumber is up to date on the very latest in plumbing industry technology and services. So to book our plumber services, call the team at Plumber Sydney today.


Satisfaction Guaranteed – Plumber Sydney

Whether it is a blocked drains emergency or a tap leaking in the kitchen, we are the plumber in Sydney to depend on – feel free to see our testimonials or look us up online. Not only does our Sydney plumbing service beat any other Sydney plumbing company. In addition, our friendly and helpful staff want to keep your plumbing job running smoothly and worry free. We will be waiting for your call.

Plumber Sydney takes pride in quality workmanship and a job well done. If something breaks as a result of the work we’ve done, we’ll fix it free of charge. We’re confident with our work. In fact, your satisfaction is our number one priority. So, we make it a point that we always arrived on time in your area.


Quality Service & Prices You Can Trust

We believe that when it comes to service, you come first. That’s why all our jobs start with a fixed price quote and a complete breakdown of our service. This way, you know exactly what you’re paying for, mean no hidden costs or nasty surprises. We charge by the job, not the hour, giving you control over what you pay. What are you waiting for? Call us now!

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WE PROVIDE SERVICESthat stand out for their quality

Blocked Drains

If you need a blocked drain service in Sydney then please call Plumber Sydney or book online for a quality blocked drain service guaranteed.

Hot Water System

We offer Hot Water Repairs, Hot Water Installation, Hot Water Replacement and Hot Water Service on all major brands and types.

Leaking Roof Repair

If you happen to find yourself in the nasty situation of a leaking roof and you require an expert who will fix it for a competitive price, then call us now.

Burst Pipe Repair

Burst pipe repair needs to be taken care of professionally and efficiently in order to avoid further potential damages and costs.

Leaking Tap

Our skilled plumbers and the proper tools and equipment will make fast work of your leaking tap repair.

Gas Fitting Sydney

Our services have developed a strong reputation in Sydney for providing a high-quality gas installation and repairs at competitive prices.

Bathroom Renovation

With years of experience & a trade background, we will quickly assess your bathroom’s plumbing & drainage requirements ready for a new makeover.

Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining is one of the many procedures to fix a pipes avoiding dig ups.

Toilet Repairs

We are able to quickly repair or fix toilet cistern leaks, replace toilet suites, install dual flush cisterns, and unblock blocked toilets.

Backflow Prevention

Only licensed plumbers with backflow prevention accreditation can inspect, commission and test backflow devices.

Leaking Pipe Repair

We can help you round-the-clock, any day of the week, to locate a leaking pipe and provide the best leaking pipe repair in Sydney.

Rainwater Tanks

We proudly offer all of our clients the same professional service, expert advice and value for money rainwater tank solutions


First of all, we specialises in fixing blocked drains. We use proven drain cleaning methods to save you time and money. Also, we specialise in pipe and drain cleaning using the latest equipment. Supported by a range of advanced drain clearing tools including high powered hydro-jets and CCTV camera inspections.

Furthermore, we offer a prompt, courteous reliable service. We are the blocked drains specialists servicing all areas of Sydney. Therefore, our mission is to provide a high-quality and productive drain cleaning service in an environmentally friendly manner. Our entire sewer pipe cleaning staff are highly qualified. To suit you, regular pre-planned drain cleaning maintenance programs designed to reduce emergency drain repairs, call-outs and expensive renovation. For any emergency call for tap repairs or any other plumbing issues, contact our customer service hotline.

The sound of a leaking tap is perhaps one of the most annoying sounds there is on the planet. Persistent, loud (or soft, but just as irritating), and nagging, the sound can render people sleepless throughout the night. Also, unable to concentrate on tasks that require a calm or distraction-free environment.

If your taps have one or two handles that operates by easily turning these handles, then they are called cartridge taps. When these show signs of leaking, it generally means that the entire valve found inside the tap is up for replacement.

As simple as fixing these possible causes for leaks may seem. It can also be quite easy to improperly install the crucial parts of your taps, even if you use the correct component. In such cases, the leaks would remain—still driving you out of your wits with the noise, wastage, and inconvenience they cause. Your only option, then, should be to call in the plumbing professionals who can effectively solve your leak issues once and for all.

A leaking toilet can be one of the biggest water wasters in your home. Over time, even a leaky cisterns adds up to buckets of water wasted each week. This costs you money and can significantly increase your water bill.

Toilet repairs are best left to the professionals unless it’s an easy DIY solution (for instance, a simple plunger job for a blocked toilet). Repairing a toilet isn’t easy – there are a lot of moving parts.

In any case, we’ll explain what the problem is, advise you on our recommended solution & quote appropriately before we do any work so you’re not hit with any nasty surprises. We help our Sydney residents with the following same day toilet repair services every day. Therefore, for any toilet repair, contact Plumber Sydney immediately.

Hot water systems are delicate and complicated. If entrusted in the hands of an amateur or unlicensed contractor. You run the risk of voiding your hot water system warranties and writing yourself out of future insurance claims. Most importantly, you place your home, family, and staff at risk.

At Plumber Sydney, our team of hot water repair experts can confidently repair or replace your hot water heater, no matter its make or model. You will have peace of mind knowing that your hot water system will be up and running to perfection in no time.

Composed of qualified and experienced plumbers who are highly competent and able to repair hot water systems of all major Australian brands. However, if your hot water system cannot be repaired, we will install a brand new hot water unit for you on the same day. Our highly recommended plumber always arrived on time.

Our professionally licensed gas plumbers with experienced in all fields of domestic and commercial repairs and replacements. Don’t risk gas leaks, potential fire or explosion. Leaking gas is dangerous and dealt immediately. If you smell gas, turn off the gas at the meter and call your local experts at Plumber Sydney.

We can quickly locate any faulty gas appliance and safely carry out any necessary repairs. Other signs of a gas leak may include an unusually high gas bill or when your appliances start burning a yellow flame. A safely burning gas flame is blue/yellow in colour.

Our team of gas fitters can advise you on any safety concerns and all our work is done in compliance with the latest safety regulations. We offer a comprehensive range of gas fitting services.

Backflow occurs when the water flows in the opposite direction to which it is originally intended to flow. Every time you fill a glass with water from the tap. Prepare a meal, or take a shower or bath, you rely on the quality of the water and that it is clean, pure and safe. Occasionally things happen that can affect the quality of your drinking water.

One of the most common incidences is a burst water main. This creates a temporary loss of pressure within the water pipe or water main. When this happens, conditions are present that can allow the backflow of contaminants into the water system. Therefore, threatens the safety of our drinking water. Backflow prevention is important safety measure for every household and business.

We are your backflow prevention specialists who can install, replace or test your backflow device. We are available 24hrs 7 days per week for your convenience. Call us today for immediate service and advice.

Repairing ceiling water damage, whether it’s the results of a broken pipe, old roof, or torrential rain is especially necessary for the health and overall upkeep of your home. Left unaddressed, a water damaged ceiling will result in mould and a weakened structure. Whether the ceiling is made from drywall, plaster, or another material, nothing can protect it against leaking water. For this reason, it’s necessary to find a way to repair the damage once it happens.

The failure to fix minor roof deterioration is something that can cause premature roof problems. It is important to get all the facts before making a decision about major work on your home. So contact Plumber Sydney today. We will give you all the options and explain everything to you thoroughly.

The final cost will depend on the nature of the work required. Costs for custom bathroom designs may vary depending on the different designs, materials and new fittings needed. We provide an upfront quote for each job, so you’ll be fully informed of all the costs for your renovation. We strive to work within your budget, providing a premium finish at a price you can afford.

With extensive bathroom knowledge coupled with innovative design concepts, we’ve successfully transformed thousands of Sydney homes. At Plumber Sydney, we’ll meet your individual style and practical needs, with stunning results.

If your water bill is unusually high, stains on plaster walls/ceilings, water marks on brick or concrete walls but don’t know where it is coming from – Yes, we can help! Plumber Sydney specialises in water leak detection throughout Sydney suburbs using the latest technology with guaranteed results. Our leak detection service includes detection and same day repairs minimising damage to your property.

We only use the most effective tools and accessories, and when paired with our knowledge and expertise. We offer one of the most extensive pipe repair services in the country. We approach every project differently. Also, we promise to evaluate the condition of your pipework and the cause of the problem. Lastly, then plan the best course of action to get your water supply back in working order. For any plumbing issues, we are highly recommended.

Want to avoid high water bills and property damage due to burst pipes hidden behind your walls? Do you know that timely repair and replacement of burst pipes can save you the inconvenience caused due to of water damage? From barely noticeable leaks to significant property flooding. Hence, burst pipes is undoubtedly a serious issue that calls for immediate attention of a licensed plumber in Sydney!

Rotting, ageing, temperature drops and external damage are all leading causes of burst pipes in Sydney. If it goes unnoticed for a long period of time, leaking or burst water pipes can weaken buildings, encourage proliferation of moulds. In addition, it attracts pests, damage appliances and furniture and result in your water bills shooting through the roof.

Plumber Sydney is here to save you from stress and time wasting! We make sure that wherever you are in Sydney we will be with you in a flash to rescue you from your plumbing worries.

At Plumber Sydney we are well aware that pipes can develop cracks and fracturing the longer they are used. In the past repairing, or even viewing, pipes affected by damage required extensive and expensive excavation of home owner’s backyards. Using CCTV cameras and durable and pliable resins our technicians are able to accurately and expertly repair domestic and commercial pipe structures promptly and efficiently.

Furthermore, our detailed pipe lining and relining services are suited for properties across the state. Our hands-on experience and use of the best materials and products ensures the quality of our completed works. By offering our extensive drain solutions to Sydney homes and businesses. Therefore, we can save you time and money and give you confidence in your pipes and drains.

Our rainwater tanks are the most economical when it comes to meeting your water storage needs. If your space is slightly limited, our rainwater tanks are the ideal solution! If you really need that valuable space as well as precious rain water. Our underground water tanks are completely out of sight and range in sizes going up to 30,000 litres!

Plumber Sydney is dedicated to providing the Sydney community with sustainable plumbing. Lastly, with the installation of rainwater tanks, storm water, solar hot water, water saving devices and many more!



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